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"It is an absolute privilege to be able to give some insight into the difference that Micaela Bonnar made to our son in 2017. The input she had into his learning and development has been life changing, both for him and us as his parents and we will be eternally thankful for the significant impact that she has had in our lives."           
                 -Parent of a Year 3 Student

"It is important to note, I think, that the source or purpose of Micaela's leadership has been to accelerate aspects of learning in our school which will support outcomes for 
all our tamariki. These ideas come from her own vision and determination, derived from a range of sources including her own personal research and investigation (inspired by her own intrinsic passion, interest and care of our learners."
               - Stephanie Morgan, Colleague

"The Literacy Leader role at Kaurilands School is a considerable portfolio which encompasses at least 40 teachers and up to 800 children. Micaela's experience, knowledge and interest emerged early in her tenure at Kaurilands School and she worked closely with Louise Dempsey consultant (Learning Smart) working with our school over a number of years. This professional development looked at school wide Literacy practices in Reading and Writing and brought about significant changes in Literacy practices at Kaurilands School. Micaela was instrumental in rolling out changes in teaching practice."
               - Jo Augustine, Principal

“Every day Luke has looked forward to going to school due to the fun, engaging and supportive environment you have fostered in Room 13. He has flourished with your skilful guidance, not only academically but in confidence as well. You are truly a credit to the teaching profession."
           - Parent of a Year 1 Student

"Micaela, you are to be commended on the overall high standard of this Masters thesis, the depth of the investigation, critical analysis and the degree of coherence throughout. The research context is topical and timely given the recent demise of National Standards and I suggest that publication of the investigation and associated discussion would be of value in raising teacher awareness of the disjuncture between New Zealand's literacy policy and the 'new basics' required to participate in the current multiliteracies environment."
           - Masters Thesis Examiner

"Micaela, you have been the most amazing mentor teacher anyone could ask for. Right from the beginning you were invested in helping me develop my teaching practice, gave me chances to succeed/fail on my own, reflect with me and help we. me work out my next steps. I observed you multiple times during literacy and after each obs I wanted to go back and try implement everything you had just taught! You are wonderful at differentiating your literacy programme to fit all the needs of your learners and still make it fun for all to learn!"
         - Provisionally Registered Teacher

"Kaurilands is lucky to have someone with such passion and expertise in the area of literacy- you have supported many in this area and have brought in many programmes and resources that have improved learning outcomes for all."
            -Erin Namajuska, Associate Principal

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